James Doyle Photo
James Doyle
CDSiC Steering Committee

Epic Systems

James Doyle has led the Clinical Informatics Development Team at Epic for the last decade, with additional experience in clinical documentation and review tools development. He believes clinical decision support has the power to improve outcomes and reduce costs, and the portability of the underlying knowledge will improve adoption. Doyle advocates for standards-based solutions at Epic and across the industry, pushing the creation and implementation of standards such as CDS Hooks and the electronic initial case report. He has also served on several collaborative efforts such as the NAM Committee on CDS, Digital Bridge Public Health Initiative, MedMorph, NORC’s PCOR CDS project, and AHRQ’s evidence-based Care Transformation Support. Recent work has included ongoing efforts to reduce alert fatigue by making interruptive CDS more targeted and actionable by providing strong guidelines and machine learning-generated suggestions to improve existing CDS content across the Epic community.