(Jerry) Jerome Osheroff photo
Jerome Osheroff, MD, FACP, FACMI
CDSiC Steering Committee
Co-Lead CDSiC Scaling, Measurement, and Dissemination of CDS Workgroup

TMIT Consulting, LLC

Dr. Jerry Osheroff, MD, FACP, FACMI, a general internist by training, has focused passionately for over three decades on developing and implementing approaches to improve healthcare delivery processes and outcomes. He founded TMIT Consulting, LLC, in 2011 as his organizational home for this work. He is the lead author of the Roadmap for National Action on CDS (presented to the HHS Secretary in 2006) and popular guidebooks for improving outcomes with CDS. He articulated the widely cited, CMS-recommended “CDS 5 Rights” framework and has led many influential local, regional, national, and international efforts for AHRQ and other public and private organizations to leverage digital health to improve care and outcomes. For example, Dr. Osheroff led the AHRQ evidence-based Care Transformation Support (ACTS) initiative that engaged hundreds of stakeholders in developing a 10-year roadmap for fostering learning health systems that broadly achieve the quintuple aim with support from a robust knowledge ecosystem. This ACTS Roadmap builds on and advances progress in addressing the earlier CDS Roadmap. ACTS also produced a multi-faceted concept demonstration of steps to begin enhancing the knowledge ecosystem and accelerating care transformation. Osheroff is now leading follow-on, stakeholder-driven efforts to continue executing the ACTS Roadmap – including cultivating synergies with CDSiC activities and outputs.