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Implementation, Adoption, and Scaling Workgroup: Landscape Assessment on the Use of Artificial Intelligence to Scale PC CDS

This report assesses use of artificial intelligence to scale patient-centered clinical decision support.


An Overview of Standards for Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support

This factsheet describes available standards and future opportunities for the patient-centered clinical decision support technical landscape. 


Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup: Patient and Caregiver Perspectives on Generative Artificial Intelligence in Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support

This report provides descriptions of patient and caregiver perspectives on the use of generative artificial intelligence in patient-centered clinical decision support. 

AI Perspectives

Measurement and Outcomes Workgroup: Inventory of Patient Preference Measurement Tools for PC CDS Report

This report describes an inventory of tools to collect patient preference information.


Advancing Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PC CDS)

A new CDSiC Leadership Viewpoint highlights the overarching PC CDS themes, and the upcoming products and projects contributing to each theme, that the CDSiC is undertaking in its third year.


Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PC CDS) Explained

View this infographic developed by the CDSiC explaining the concept and definition of patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS). 

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Improving Patient App Interoperability in EHRs

Read this report about opportunities for advancement of patient-centered clinical decision support standards to support interoperability between patient apps, EHRs, and other health IT systems.

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Measuring PC CDS Workflow & Lifeflow Impact

This CDSiC report examines how patient-centered clinical decision support interventions impact care team workflows and patient lifeflows.

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Taxonomy of Patient Preferences

This CDSiC report provides a framework for characterizing patient preferences relevant to patient-centered clinical decision support.