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Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup

How do we foster trust in and transparency of the processes of patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) design, development, testing, implementation, and use? The Trust & Patient-Centeredness Workgroup is identifying and promoting PC CDS tools that support trust among patients, providers, and other members of the care team to enable patient-centered decision making. 

Doctor smiling and peaking with a smiling patientPC CDS tools and products work best when they support healthcare decisions that align with the needs, values, and preferences of patients. For PC CDS to effectively support patients, caregivers, and care teams in making decisions, it must be trustworthy. The Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup is expanding on prior work related to trust in CDS by working to increase transparency in the processes of CDS design, development, testing, implementation, and use and incorporation of patient-centered factors in CDS. To do this, the Workgroup is focusing on the dissemination of approaches to create trust-enhancing CDS products that reflect the needs of patients and clinicians and supports shared decision making between patients and their care teams. The reports, resources, and tools developed by the Workgroup will support the design and uptake of trustworthy, patient-centered CDS. Through Fall of 2024, the Workgroup’s efforts will focus on:

  • Exploring best practices for eliciting patient preferences in clinical and non-clinical settings, and workflows that optimize the capture of patient preferences.
  • Conducting focus groups involving patients and caregivers to understand their perceptions of the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in PC CDS.
  • Developing an action plan for using social determinants of health (SDOH) factors (e.g., education, income, health literacy, housing instability, food insecurity) in PC CDS interventions.

Workgroup Leadership:

Workgroup Products

Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup: An Introductory Handbook for Patient Engagement Throughout the Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Lifecycle
This handbook provides guidance and resources for patient engagement in patient-centered clinical decision support.

Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup: Improving the Source Credibility of Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Tools
This report provides a framework for understanding the role of source credibility in patient-centered clinical decision support tools.

Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup: Methods for Involving End-Users in PC CDS Co-Design
This resource paves the way for end users' involvement in co-design of patient-centered clinical decision support. 

Related Resources

Infographic: Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Explained 
The Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) created this infographic to explain the definition of patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS). 

Real World PC CDS: Patient-Centered CDS for Postpartum Hypertension Monitoring
Read this vignette to see an example from a clinician's perspective of how patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) is being used in the real world to support patient-centered care for post-partum women. 

Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup Charter - Option Year 1
The Trust and Patient-Centeredness Workgroup Option Year 1 Charter is a document that describes the roles and key activities of the Workgroup under the CDSiC Stakeholder and Community Outreach Center.