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Innovation Core 2: Conducting and Coordinating Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Projects

The Conducting and Coordinating CDS Projects Core implements patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) in real-world settings and identifies best practices to advance its use.

A group of healthcare professionals review files togetherThe Conducting and Coordinating CDS Projects Core is the testing ground of the CDSiC. This is the place where theory and research are put to the test in the real world. The CDS Five Rights (the right information, to the right person, in the right format, through the right channel, at the right time) are key principles for effective real-world CDS implementation. Activities in this Core will explore the complexities of implementing PC CDS in the real world and identifying best practices and approaches to support implementation of PC CDS within patient “life flows” and clinician workflows.

This Core is developing two dashboards to operationalize the PC CDS measurement framework being developed by Core 1. The first dashboard will be a PC CDS clinical performance dashboard focusing on patient reported outcomes (PROs) modeled on an existing prototype CDS dashboard under development at Vanderbilt University. The second dashboard will be a prototype that implements best practices for presentation and analysis of selected types of patient generated health data (PGHD).

Through the development and real-world testing of practical tools for CDS design, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation, this Innovation Core aims to improve PC CDS usability, uptake, and effectiveness. This Core focuses on developing a robust evidence base and practical guides and resources for patient-centered design principles, accelerating advances in data interoperability and ultimately improving and expanding the use of PC CDS.

Core Co-Leads:

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