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CDSiC & Researchers

Patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) is an exciting and emerging area of study. While new findings are being published every day, researchers have many opportunities to learn more about how to develop, implement, and use PC CDS as well as how to improve it.

Woman writing with open books in the foregroundThe Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) is the home for the latest evidence on PC CDS. Researchers with an interest in a variety of topics, from improving the patient experience and reducing clinician burnout to achieving better healthcare outcomes and ensuring patient safety, among others, will find a connection to their work here.

Through the CDSiC, researchers can explore published research and current CDSiC projects and products that aim to advance the field of PC CDS across the healthcare landscape. Researchers can use this information to guide their own work, make new discoveries, and find new collaborators that will contribute to the transformation of both healthcare delivery and research. Examples of resources that researchers can find through the CDSiC include peer-reviewed articles, literature scans, measures, frameworks, and other tools.

Related Resources

Outcomes and Objectives Workgroup: Patient-Focused Outcome Measures for Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support
This report offers measures to evaluate patient-centered clinical decision support impact on patient-focused outcomes.

Standards and Regulatory Frameworks Workgroup: Advancing Standardized Representations for Patient Preferences to Support Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support
This report describes standards for patient-preferences data.

Scaling, Measurement, and Dissemination of CDS Workgroup: Approaches to Measuring Patient-Centered CDS Workflow and Lifeflow Impact
This report examines how patient-centered clinical decision support interventions impact care team workflows and patient lifeflows.

Outcomes and Objectives Workgroup: Taxonomy of Patient Preferences
This Taxonomy identifies and characterizes patient preferences relevant to patient-centered clinical decision support.

Standards and Regulatory Frameworks Workgroup: Environmental Scan
This environmental scan reveals opportunities to evolve standards and regulatory frameworks to advance patient-centered clinical decision support.

Scaling, Measurement, and Dissemination of CDS Workgroup: PC CDS Performance Measurement Inventory User Guide
This user guide identifies available measures to assess patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS). 

A Lifecycle Framework Illustrates Eight Stages Necessary for Realizing the Benefits of Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support 
This manuscript discusses a comprehensive patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) lifecycle framework developed and vetted by members of the CDSiC team.

Lessons Learned from a National Initiative Promoting Publicly Available Standards-Based Clinical Decision Support
This article describes lessons learned from an evaluation of AHRQ’s Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Initiative. The evaluation yielded several important lessons for developing and implementing publicly available, standards-based CDS.