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CDSiC & Patients

Some of the most important decisions we make in life are ones that affect our health. The Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) aims to advance the development of evidence-based tools that align with the needs, preferences, and values of patients, caregivers, and families.

pediatric patient and clinicianHealthcare decisions can be complicated. 

When faced with questions about what kind of treatment to pursue, clinicians use decision support tools (e.g., clinical guidelines for treatment approaches) that provide them with the latest evidence and best practices. But do these tools consider things like a patient’s unique values and preferences? For example, the evidence may point to the success of aggressive chemotherapy to treat certain types of cancer, but what if the patient is concerned about how chemotherapy will affect their quality of life?

The patient’s voice is critical in creating tools that give patients the power to make informed decisions with their care teams. Patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS) can allow patients, their caretakers, and clinicians to make decisions together to improve patient health and healthcare experiences.

The CDSiC focuses on ensuring that the patient perspective is incorporated into all aspects of the project. The CDSiC engages with patients, patient advocates, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, and health information technology experts to ensure PC CDS products created through the CDSiC consider patients’ needs, preferences, and values.

The resources on this website can help patients understand what PC CDS is and what tools may be available to  support patients and their care teams making decisions together.

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