CDSiC & Clinicians

Patient-centered CDS (PC CDS) is being used by patients and clinicians across the country to achieve better outcomes by considering patient-specific factors for better decisions. The Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) serves as an information hub for clinicians looking to advance shared decision-making and person-centered care delivery.

CDSiC and clinicians generic pictureClinical decision support (CDS) tools can help clinicians practice evidence-based medicine by making the right thing to do the easiest thing to do. 

New, innovative treatments and improved interventions are developed daily, and it can be difficult for busy clinicians to keep up and prioritize care. CDS can certainly help. But just as the clinical evidence evolves, so do patient needs and preferences. As health systems strive to provide truly patient-centered care, PC CDS can help them achieve this goal. PC CDS tools leverage evidence-based knowledge and integrate the voice, perspective, and preferences of the patient by using patient-reported or patient-generated information, enabling clinicians and patients to engage in shared decision-making.

The CDSiC recognizes the importance of clinician input in achieving this vision and engages closely with them. Patients, patient advocates and representatives, researchers, and health information technology experts also provide a voice to ensure that their unique perspectives contribute to effective tools and resources that the CDSiC develops in support of patient-centered care.

Clinicians and healthcare systems can use this website to better understand what PC CDS is and how it is used, including real-world examples where it has supported shared decision making and patient-centered care delivery.

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