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Gerasimos photo
Gerasimos Petratos, MD, MS
CDSiC Steering Committee

HITEKS Solutions

Dr. Gerry Petratos, MD, MS, has vast experience in clinical decision support as the CEO of HITEKS Solutions.  HITEKS is a clinical informatics company specializing in enhancing provider quality reputation and revenues through Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation for Clinical Documentation Integrity and social networking to improve U.S. News and World Report rankings and CMS Star Ratings. Dr. Petratos' work focuses on EHR workflow-driven applications within the Epic EHR.  Previously, he served as the Global Head of Healthcare Data Strategy & Analytics at the Roche Group.  He applied his Medicine Doctorate from Howard University College of Medicine and his NIH Fellowship and Masters in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Utah for the advancement of clinical decision support for clinical research. This included the review of clinical data in drug safety, epidemiology, medical affairs, and commercial brands, along with the analysis of real-world data to support marketing claims and clinical findings to help patients. He co-founded HITEKS in 2011 to focus more on the provider world because he realized that the availability of better clinical data for insight requires better systems and tools integrated with provider workflows