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Below you can read past issues of our newsletter.  

The CDSiC Insider is designed to keep the broader patient-centered clinical decision support community up to date on the work of the AHRQ CDSiC as well as relevant publications, events, and information from an array of other researchers and institutions across the field. An archive of all previous newsletters is below and browsable by issue. To ensure you receive the latest information on CDSiC products, opportunities, and activities, subscribe to the newsletter here


Issue 19- June 18, 2024: The Latest Updates from the AHRQ CDSiC

Issue 18- April 23, 2024: New Upcoming Funding Opportunity for Research on PC CDS

Issue 17- February 27, 2024: New CDSiC Report Provides Framework for Understanding Source Credibility in PC CDS

Issue 16- November 7, 2024: New AHRQ CDSiC Products Advance Patient-Centered CDS

Issue 15- October 11, 2024: New AHRQ CDSiC Products and Engagement Opportunities for the PC CDS Community

Issue 14- September 21, 2023: New AHRQ CDSiC Workgroup Product Advances PC CDS Planning, Implementation, and Reporting

Issue 13- September 7, 2023: New AHRQ CDSiC Report on Measuring PC CDS Workflow and Lifeflow Impact 

Issue 12- August 29, 2023: New CDSiC Report Provides Framework for Understanding Source Credibility in PC CDS

Issue 11- August 3, 2023: New CDSiC Taxonomy of Patient Preferences 

Issue 10- June 6, 2023: New CDSiC Environmental Scan Reveals Opportunities to Evolve Standards and Regulatory Frameworks to Advance PC CDS

Issue 9- May 3, 2023: The AHRQ CDSiC provides Innovation Center and Stakeholder Center updates, and more...

Issue 8- March 14, 2023: Announcing the AHRQ CDSiC Website!

Issue 7- January 31, 2023: CDSiC product updates, prototype dashboard development, and more

Issue 6- November 29, 2022: Reflecting on the CDSiC's first year, published viewpoints, and more

Issue 5- October 27, 2022: New AHRQ CDSiC Project Map, Meet Workgroup Leads, and More

Issue 4- September 28, 2022: Meet CDSiC Workgroup Leads and Read a Patient-Centered CDS Example

Issue 3- August 31, 2022: The CDSiC Innovation Center Works Towards Real-World Patient-Centered CDS Tools

Issue 2- July 29, 2022: CDSiC Workgroups Identify Products to Advance Patient-Centered CDS

Issue 1- June 29, 2022: Project Update: Introducing the Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC)