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Steering Committee Leadership

The Steering Committee is a diverse group of experts that bring decades of deep expertise to the project from across industries. Their diverse perspectives provide strategic input to strategically shape and direct CDSiC activities. Representing multi-disciplinary stakeholder groups, the Steering Committee ensures CDSiC activities are not conducted in a vacuum, but rather are informed by and aligned with efforts in other areas, such as the patient advocacy networks, clinical professional associations, technology developer industries, Federal agencies, hospitals, heath systems, as well as peer-reviewed and emerging research published across the academic landscape.

The Steering Committee represents experts from various stakeholder groups, including:

  • Clinical decision support experts
  • Patient advocates and representatives
  • Clinicians
  • Electronic health record developers
  • Health information technology experts
  • Policymakers
  • Payors
  • Federal government agencies
  • Research and academic medical institutions