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Maria Michaels, MBA, PMP
CDSiC Steering Committee

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Maria Michaels, MBA, PMP, is a Public Health Advisor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), serving under CDC’s Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance. She has vast experience in health IT, meaningful use, and the use of technology to translate data into action for public health. She holds several leadership positions and participates in a variety of initiatives (e.g., Adapting Clinical Guidelines for the Digital Age, the FAST initiative, CDS Connect WG, Patient-Centered CDS Learning Network, eCQM Governance Group) that involve using standards at scale to apply evidence in practice more easily, quickly, accurately, and consistently as well as build better feedback loops. She has previously worked with Meaningful Use, eCQMs, and a variety of related health IT and research initiatives at CMS, NCI, the Johns Hopkins University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.