Below you can read about the latest news from the Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC), its experts, and Workgroups. 

February 3, 2023: New CDSiC Leadership Viewpoint Details the Contributions of the Four Stakeholder Center Workgroups

This CDSiC Leadership Viewpoint provides an overview of the Stakeholder and Community Outreach Center’s four Workgroups, and how the products they are developing will contribute to patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS).

October 1, 2022: Updated Innovation Center Quarterly Report Highlights Innovation Center Progress

The CDSiC produced the latest Innovation Center Quarterly Report, which documents developments related to the work of the Innovation Center. The latest report provides an update regarding the second meeting of the Innovation Center Planning Committee and project progress within the two Cores. The Measurement and Value of CDS Core (Core 1) will undertake the development of a comprehensive PC CDs measurement framework and the Conducting and Coordinating CDS Projects Core (Core 2) will develop an interactive PC CDS clinical performance dashboard focused on patient-reported outcomes and a prototype dashboard that implements best practices for presentation and analysis of selected types of patient-generated health data.

September 28, 2022: How Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support is Serving Postpartum Women

The CDSiC published a vignette describing a patient-centered clinical decisions support tool that uses a patient-facing app to help postpartum women report concerning symptoms to their clinicians so that they can work together to monitor potential onset of blood pressure-related issues.

June 29, 2022: New Infographic Explains Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support

The CDSiC created an infographic to explain the definition of patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS), digital tools that have the potential to support patient-centered care by helping clinicians and patients make the best decisions given each individual’s circumstances and preferences. The newly developed infographic describes the four patient-centered factors that are important to incorporate into PC CDS.