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CDSiC Patient Centered CDS Infographic
Infographic: Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Explained

The Clinical Decision Support Innovation Collaborative (CDSiC) created this infographic to explain the definition of patient-centered clinical decision support (PC CDS). 

Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PC CDS) includes digital tools that have the potential to support patient-centered care by helping clinicians and patients make the best decisions given each individual’s circumstances and preferences. PC CDS is the focus of the CDSiC, and it supports individual patients and/or caregivers and their care teams in engaged, shared decision-making to make the best health-related choices and actions using information from patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) findings and/or patient-specific information. This infographic describes the four patient-centered factors that are important to incorporate into PC CDS:

  • Knowledge – Drawing from evidence-based research findings including patient-centered outcomes research and comparative effectiveness research.
  • Patient Data – Incorporating patient-generated health data, patient reported outcomes and preferences, and patient-specific data including social determinants of health data.
  • Delivery – Directly engaging patients or caregivers via apps, patient portals, or in different settings.
  • Use - Supporting shared decision-making by facilitating interactions and exchange of information between patients and their clinicians.