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CDSiC Base Period of Performance Report

In this report, the CDSiC presents an overview of the activities, outputs, and outcomes of the first two years of the CDSiC and summarizes lessons learned. The intended audiences for this report are clinicians, CDS researchers, CDS content developers, electronic health record (EHR) developers, app developers, device and wearable manufacturers, health information technology (IT) standards developers, policymakers, patients/caregivers, and payers. Click here to read the report.

Key achievements during the first two years of the CDSiC include:

  • The team engaged over 100 CDS stakeholders in discussions on the current state and future promise of PC CDS.
  • The CDSiC convened and sustained the CDSiC’s 26-member Steering Committee, four Workgroups comprising 49 stakeholders who represent diverse experiences and viewpoints, and two Innovation Center Cores that pushed the current limits of PC CDS to develop new concepts and technologies.
  • The team synthesized over 1,200 peer-reviewed and grey literature resources; engaged 93 experts through key informant interviews, focus groups, and technical expert panels; and developed over 30 resources for the CDS community that provide concrete recommendations and guidance for advancing the scalability, quality, and effectiveness of PC CDS.
  • The CDSiC disseminated PC CDS resources and CDSiC outputs through various channels, including scientific journals, conference presentations, newsletters, viewpoint pieces, and the CDSiC website.