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Operations Center Option Year 1 Charter document thumbnail
CDSiC Operations Center Charter - Option Year 1

The CDSiC Operations Center Option Year 1 Charter is a document that describes the roles and purpose, goals, and key activities of the Operations Center.

The CDSiC Operations Center Charter formally initiates the Option Year 1 work of the Operations Center. The Operations Center is the backbone of the CDSiC; it is the core from which all activities flow and houses the Steering Committee, which informs the Collaborative’s overall strategic direction. This document outlines the purpose and goals of the Operations Center as an essential pillar of support, strategic vision, dissemination and convening, and oversight for the CDSiC.  

The purpose of the CDSiC Operations Center Charter is to highlight the reasons for establishing the Operations Center and to further define the outcomes and objectives of the Center in the wider context of the Collaborative. This document includes information about:  

  • The vision and mission of the CDSiC 
  • The purpose and reasons for establishing the Operations Center 
  • Objectives of the Operations Center 
  • Outputs and projected outcomes of Operations Center activities 
  • Constraints and potential challenges related to Operations Center activities 
  • Relevant stakeholders who are involved in or affected by Operations Center work  
  • Decision-making frameworks to guide recommendations made by the Operations Center for CDSiC activities 

The primary audiences of the Operations Center Charter are AHRQ, Operations Center leadership, and the CDSiC Steering Committee.