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Innovation Center Charter Option Year 1 document cover
CDSiC Innovation Center Charter - Option Year 1

The CDSiC Innovation Center Option Year 1 Charter is a document that describes the roles and key activities of the Innovation Center. 

The CDSiC Innovation Center Charter formally initiates the Option Year 1 work of the Innovation Center. This document outlines the purpose and goals of the Innovation Center as an essential pillar of real-world implementation of patient-centered CDS (PC CDS). The Innovation Center will serve as the CDSiC research hub to facilitate real-world CDS measurement and testing; improve PC CDS usability and acceptability; and advance the translation of patient-centered outcomes research into clinical practice using CDS.

The purpose of the CDSiC Innovation Center Charter is to highlight the reasons for establishing the Innovation Center and to further define the outcomes and objectives of the Center in the wider context of the Collaborative. In this document, users can find information relating to:

  • The Vision and Mission of the CDSiC
  • The purpose and reasons for establishing the Innovation Center
  • Objectives of the Innovation Center
  • Outputs and projected outcomes of Innovation Center activities
  • Constraints and potential challenges related to Innovation Center activities
  • Relevant stakeholders who are involved in or affected by Innovation Center work
  • Decision-making frameworks to guide recommendations made by the Innovation Center for CDSiC activities

The primary audiences of the Innovation Center Charter are AHRQ, the CDSiC Innovation Center Planning Committee, the CDSiC Stakeholder Community and Outreach Center Planning Committee and Workgroups, and the CDSiC Steering Committee.